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UnityDesktop is built for scanning, image cleanup, document management and light OCR capabilities. With the power of Scantrip, PaperPort and OmniPage, and PaperPort Desktop Delivery, UnityDesktop is a complete solution for small office and personal document management.

Our unity Suite for Scanning & Document Management Package comes in several tiers, all designed to meet the needs of specific environments. Powerful bundled solutions with industry-leading software, The Unity solutions deliver the technology you need to manage your documents and information.

Convert files to PDF format, full document indexing for easy search and retrieval, assemble documents, forms fill, and much more.


eCopy PaperWorks is easy-to-use desktop document imaging software that enables office workers to convert electronic and paper documents into text-searchable, secure PDFs and directly include them in business applications and workflows. eCopy PaperWorks provides office workers with advanced tools to scan, merge, modify, and connect documents with the software they use every day.  

RX/5to1™ is an innovative new product designed to effectively lower the cost of consumables for our valued customers.

RX/5to1™ will redirect jobs away from expensive personal inkjet or laser printers and send them to your cost efficient network printers/MFP. The desired result? greatly reduced ink costs. RX/5to1™ is truly a win/win product!!

Automatic Intelligent Routing to "Focus" Printers.

A simple solution that provides RightFax support from the control panel of your bizhub™ device -- to streamline the flow of fax traffic throughout your network.
The Konica Minolta Connector (Extension) is a software module that supports RightFax fax transmission from the control panel of compatible bizhub B&W and color workgroup devices on your network. Users in your organization will have the convenience and versatility of Captaris RightFax, directly from the control panel of their MFPs, giving you centralized network fax functionality that keeps up with high-volume facsimile demands.
Your RightFax system provides seamless interface with your bizhub device -- and lets you maximize the benefits of Captaris RightFax workflow for multiple fax clients throughout your organization.

A powerful, low-cost solution for electronic document management -- to capture, organize, categorize, index, and search and retrieve information as needed. DocRecord can help you manage information more quickly and cost-effectively, saving time and effort by capturing information seamlessly from anywhere on your network. It watches network folders and queues, integrates with other enterprise applications, and permits you to drag-and-drop files from desktop to system. Track the history of changes made to the document while keeping all iterations on file. Know exactly who checked out a document, when the document was checked out and keep a running history of all changes made to that document.

With Prism DocRecord, your files can be automatically sorted by category, grouped in folders based on projects or workflow processes, and searched by keywords, index fields and other criteria. The result is a smooth, intuitive workflow that enhances the power of your information.

DocSystem is designed to accomplish a broad range of document tasks with automated ease -- including print distribution to best-match devices, file converting and encrypting, document review, revision and approval, even image processing and file formatting according to rules you specify.
For maximizing print efficiency, speeding document throughput, automating file management tasks and much more, Prism DocSystem is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution that will make any workflow more productive.

An ideal variable-data solution for personalized letters, brochures, order forms, direct-mail campaigns, serialized and one-to-one mailings that communicate more effectively.

PrintShop Mail can process variable data into any kind of print job, merging database information into your document layout to create customized mailings. Integrating quickly and easily with any major design package, PrintShop Mail is extremely simple to use.

PrintShop Mail also allows you to create separate layout and database designs -- and by storing layout and images on your printer RAM, you can print at the full rated speed of any Konica Minolta PostScript printer/copier.


A simple, comprehensive solution for transactional and promotional documents with variable content -- increasing workflow efficiency while cutting costs.

PlanetPress is a powerful, printer-centric technology that lets you replace pre-printed forms running on legacy and impact printing equipment. User-friendly interface allows simple drag-and-drop importing of variable database information. Wizards let you include data driven barcodes and business graphs -- and you can print, archive, Email and fax simultaneously and automatically with no change to your host system.
PlanetPress powers up your Konica Minolta printers for printing a wide variety of applications across all industries: one-to-one marketing, multi-part business forms, billing and statements, green-bar reports, grade reports, barcode printing, high-speed mail merge jobs and more.
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